January 2, 2014

Migrating to Tumblr :)

Hi. I am migrating to Tumblr. I don't even know if anyone is reading this, but please continue connecting with me there. I find composing a blog entry too taxing, as I am too busy with work and a lot of chores given that I live alone. Tumblr makes it integrated across several apps and social networking site such as Instagram and Twitter, which makes it posting easier and available in multiple in several sites.

I shall continue to count down and find daily miracles in everyday lives. Have a good day! :)


October 2, 2013

#236 8tracks

I love 8tracks! Talk about unlimited music and unlimited playlists. There are a lot of similar service out there like this but I sticked it out with 8tracks. And I discovered great music, great artists I didnt know were existing. And most of all I am enjoying the yoga music I use during my yoga time, and discovered a throve of relaxing music which I use during my massage.

May 2, 2013

#235 The Remote control!

I would say that one of the wonderful and helpful inventions in the human history is the remote control (well maybe thats why there are a lot of couch potato) but who could ever deny the comfort of not standing up to change the channel in the TV, especially now that there hundred of channels in the cable hehe!

And one thing that I was quite really happy and grateful is the aircon remote control! No need to stand up when your sleepy (especially when its too cold!) or when you need to turn the aircon off. Astig!

April 30, 2013

#234 Taxi driver returned our stuff

We did swimming/camping at Nagsasa Cove in Zambales over the weekend together with some officemates and a Bulgarian boss. On our way home, we drop our foreign visitor at Holiday Inn, his hotel which is beside Robinson's Galleria, and  I forgot the Coleman tent that I was assigned to carry in the taxi in the passenger seat. I have no idea we have left it until we came out of the hotel and my officemate asks where the tent is. OMG!

So it was about 10 minutes after we stepped out of Holiday Inn, walking down the street, talking about how much the tent costs and me thinking how we will we pay for it haha (we just borrowed it), and just hoping for nothing. And then we saw the Avanza taxi and the driver stepped out of the car and waved at us. The taxi we rode!

The taxi driver returned our tent! I came rushing forward and got the stuff. The taxi driver told me that he circled around the Robinsons Galleria area hoping to find us. We gave the driver a small tip and a high five! Cool guy! Astig moment!

April 25, 2013

#233 Being able to cook your own food

I have been relying on home cook delivery for more than a year. Someone in the building has been cooking food and delivering to my unit and all the other units in the building. So it is comfortable and just a text away, someone will deliver straight to my door. It was a great arrangement and very comfortable for me, plus the fact that they are "turo-turo" priced, was quite awesome.

Until a month ago when the owner decided to call it quits.

I was off-balanced for a couple of weeks, relying on Chowking and Jollibee which were located downstairs. Then came a time when I was really fed up with the chicken and fastfood. I was just forcing the food inside just I can relieve the hungriness. Ewwwww. Just thinking about the fried chicken, braised beef and chowfan makes me wanna puke.

Every discomfort is an opportunity to grow.

So, there is no choice but to cook my food. Together with the help of my girlfriend, we came up with simple meals, checked the internet and do a grocery.

So for the initial offering, we bought a lot of vegetables, spices and seasonings, a kilo of chicken and a kilo of pork.

Also bought basic utensils, a knife, a frying pan and a skillet.

I was able to resuscitate my refrigerator as it has just been serving me as a place to put rotting foods for me before, and cold water haha. Cleaned up my ref and threw away those expired foods. And i have my ref back!

I also have a gas stove which I havent been using for quit some time. (The last time was maybe last November when me and my girlfriend cooked spaghetti)

Now there is a great oppurtunity to cook awesome meals and learn! And thinking about those nutritious meals, and how bout going vegan! haha

There are no accidents in life. Every challenge is an oppurtunity to grow.

I just finished eating my cooked meal. It was a pork giniling ala menudo. Awesome!

My first home cooked meal!

April 4, 2013

#232 A really comfortable chair

Got this office chair from Sanyang and man was it comfortable! Definitely a good buy. So comfy, so relaxing ! Hours and hours of gaming and watching movies!!!!

These type of chairs sells for unreasonable prices from other furniture shops but got it for only 4K at SanyangSanyang furnitures who's website is this one: http://sanyang.com.ph boasts a lot of furniture in their array, at a lower cost than most of other furniture shops (maybe because they are made from China?). I bought some furniture from them already, so far they are durable hehe. I don't get paid to promote them so this is not an advertisement lols.

Anyway to complete my setup, here is my humble mini office I was able to assemble the past month. The chair being the centerpiece of it! 

April 3, 2013

#231 A celebrity follow

I was about to sleep already last night when I saw this:

Woohoow. And I was up all night checking her instagram and twitter feeds, and youtube videos. First saw this pretty face in PBB. She looks like an upgraded and classy Rochelle Pangilinan. Homygadd look at her...

I slept around 5AM na from checking pics, vids and writeups, buti na lang my office is around 1PM pa hehe. I love you Roxanne! haha

March 17, 2013

#230 Saving money from a sale

I managed to saved 3,000 pesos today from a sale. I am looking for a bar stool + table for almost a month now, since I converted my old small dinner table into a computer home office. Originally, the bar stool each costs 2,995.00, and the bar table at 3,995.00.. but at the sale the stool costs only 1,995.00 (I got two) and the table for only 2, 995.00 pesos for a total savings of 3thousand pesos baby! I am so happy that I managed to get something I want for less, but also solved my dilemma of finding a bar table style (yung mataas na table). Ayos! I will post pics of my furniture once it has arrived. =)

March 15, 2013

#229 Corned beef breakfast meal at Jollibee

Although I find their chicken more desirable than McDonalds, most of their menu is bland. Quite surprising most of the Pinoy and little kids loves Jollibee. I only love Jollibee because they are open 24 hours near my building haha, so if I crave even in the wee hours of the morning, I could always just went down. But if there's one thing more I love about Jollibee is their corned beef meal. I could eat until three rice with this one. Along with egg and fried rice, panalo! Walang panama ang Purefoods corned beef, or any corned beefs that I have tasted for that matter. Craving!

March 13, 2013

#228 Watching live bands at the bar

I love watching at the bars. You can sit down and have a beer, the crowd is few, and the setting is intimate and the artist is just a few feet away from you, so near that sometimes even the artist's saliva is showering on you.

Ebe Dancel singing "Tulog na.."

I am a suki at 70's bistro which is located in Anonas, in Quezon City. It is one of the remaining home of Pinoy music or shall we say rock venues that is still open today. From the era of the Eheads, to the Jerks, Tropical Depression,  to True Faith, Sandwich, Sugarfree and new bands of late. It saw the coming and going of bands, forming and disbandment.

Rico Blanco aka Fiesto Bandido during his special birthday performance at Bistro


Together with a friend, I unexpectedly attended this mini-concert, more like spur of the moment. Rico Blanco is levelling-up. A true mark of an artist. Now he is known as Fiesto Bandido. The performance was a nonstop assault on the senses. Enjoyed it!

March 9, 2013

#227 FLAC files

What the fuck is flac? I encountered this terminology when reading and checking out audiophile forums and discussions. It means free lossless audio codec (flac). It turns out that these files are high quality song tracks, like listening straight from an audio CD. We are so used with MP3's, which are compressed music tracks, in order to get a file that is smaller yet almost similar to the original. In the process of compression some details of the song are gone.

I am grateful that there are a lot of flac files from my suking piratebay. Downloading away!

Katerno ng high quality headphones! I didn't realize there are so many details in music that exists before, like the tambourines, guitars, additional effects on the side, and breathing of the artist, and etc.

Cause life is too short to spend on crappy music. Music is life...

March 8, 2013

#226 Bang for the buck

I bought this piece of art lately.

Yup, and true enough the online reviews and feedback about this product were correct. I was choosing between the Grado and Koss, so I auditioned them both. I found out the Grado SR80's to be too bright for my ears, and that I found out that my ears are craving for them bass =) Reading from online reviews and feedbacks are so important and proved to be too valuable that you can hear from personal experience, advices and professional tips as well.

For around 2200 pesos, this is an awesome buy. I was willing to shell out 6000 bucks for the Grado's so this definitely is a good buy. Feels like listening from a car audio system that has been setup. Eargasm! And noticed there additional details that I haven't heard from the song before.

Now am downloading high quality sound files called flacs. My entry to the audiophile lifestyle, so as they say. More quality headphones soon!! Cause life is too short to spend on crappy headsets.

Music is life...

February 22, 2013

#225 City lights at night

Before I retire and head for the bed, I do not fail to admire the city lights, and say to myself.. Wow! Different colors like blue, red, orange, green, and the usual yellow and white fill the night. So peaceful and so beautiful, amid the hustle and bustle of the city life. 

City light's view from my bedrooms' balcony in Taguig. Sayang, the picture doesnt capture different colors like blue, red, orange.

I copied this pic from christelledee.blogspot.com. This is the city lights from Makati area.

#224 Having a partner at the seesaw